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A Swivel car seat for the elderly or disabled

A swivel car seat helps the elderly and the disabled to get inside and outside of a car in an effortless manner. Some types of swivel seats come outside the car and assist the person to their feet or to lower down to their wheelchair. Other types of car seats allow the person to transfer from their wheelchair into the car. You can find more information on their uses and benefits here at the Mobility Forum. Simpler options: If the person has problems in getting inside the car and turning to face towards the front, an equipment which helps you swivel makes it easier to do so. Usage of a cushion, which is put on top of the seat, can address this issue. Other options are joining two layers together along with a swivel, acting like turntables. Specialist swivel cushions are available from around £10, ranging up to £60. Swivel seat systems Here, the entire seat swivels to allow you to face to the side of out the car. A few types are manual and the rest are powered. Swivel seats systems are generally more suited for cars with either two or three doors since the doors themselves are wider. Different types of swivel seat systems There are typically three kinds of swivel seats: a) The basic swivel seat can turn 90 degrees. These can be manual or they might be powered. b) Lifting and lowering swivel seats which come right over the car’s door sill. These types of swivel seats lift you to a standing position or lowers you in case you have a wheelchair. c) Swivel sea … Read More »